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Strike-R makes any helmet, a smart helmet!
Strike-R can be used on more than one helmet. Compatible to most motorcycle helmets.
Can be mounted and removed from the helmet as per rider convenience, it is not permanently glued to the helmet.

Kroozer Strike-R Tech Specs:
Fits With Any Helmet or Object
Weight: <25 gms.
Battery Back-up: upto 20 Hours
Battery: 200mAh Lipo (Short Circuit Protected)
Charging Time: 30 Mins.
Number of LED: 4
Mode: 16
Splash Proof
Visibility: 100 mtr.
Material: Leatherette
USB Type B Connector
With Removable Velcro
LxWxH: 270x43x18 mm
Warranty: 1 Month (Manufacturing Defect)

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    Helmet lighting is essential safe riding because it provides a critical alert to motorists in every direction. Since the helmet is the highest point on a rider, it is more visible to drivers than anywhere else.

    If you ride, work, or spend any time in the dark, you know that even with personal lighting, your sight is limited.

    The power point lies in its weight which is less than 25 gms, which means you will never ever feel that you have something on your helmet.
    This is the most easiest and convenient way for daily commuters riders.
    This product is universal for all kinds of helmets in the market.

    1 review for STRIKE-R

      December 28, 2020
      The delivery was quick and the Strike-R was well contained in a double tube. Strike-R found it lightweight and friendly to use, no problem to power it on and to charge. 4LED lights are plenty for a helmet, the Velcro attachment are simple to use, the spare set also comes in handy for a second hamlet or attaching to any other item. comes in plenty of flashing modes which is not reprogrammable to suit individual choice, not sure how long the battery will last or where to get it replaced once its life span is over. Would recommend it to any who considers safe bike rides is important. Will get a second set.
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