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KROOZER 12v BMS for dial 112

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Introducing the "KROOZER 12v BMS for dial 112" with wiring harness: Unleash the Power of Advanced Battery Management for Reliable Emergency Vehicle Operations

Ensure uninterrupted performance and enhanced reliability for your emergency vehicles with the revolutionary KROOZER 12v BMS for dial112. Designed exclusively to cater to the unique power needs of police vehicles, this cutting-edge 12v BMS (Battery Management System) sets new benchmarks in efficiency, control, and convenience for lead-acid battery management.

Key Features:

Multi Battery Management: The KROOZER 12v BMS empowers your emergency vehicles with a dual battery system – seamlessly managing both the main battery and the standby battery. Enjoy worry-free operation of essential electronic upfits like top-bar lights, cameras, MDTs, satellite phones, and RF-based surveillance systems, even during extended highway surveillance sessions.

Hybrid Charging Technology: Experience intelligent charging like never before. The hybrid charging BMS technology ensures optimal power distribution between the main and standby batteries. Prevent drain imbalance and extend the lifespan of your lead-acid batteries with precision-controlled charging cycles.

Threshold Monitoring: Bid farewell to battery drain worries. The KROOZER 12v BMS continuously monitors battery levels, preventing your main battery from depleting below critical thresholds. This safeguards your vehicle's engine-starting capability, allowing you to respond promptly to emergencies in your emergency vehicles.

Smart Charging Logic: Engineered to conserve energy and optimize performance, our 12v BMS only initiates charging when the vehicle is operational. This intelligent feature eliminates unnecessary power consumption, ensuring your emergency vehicles are always prepared for action.

Emergency Charging Solution: Equipped with a dedicated 220v charger, the KROOZER 12v BMS provides an emergency charging lifeline for your lead-acid batteries. Whether on the move or stationed, restore your standby battery's vitality swiftly and efficiently, enhancing the readiness of your emergency vehicles for critical situations.


Enhanced Operational Readiness: The KROOZER 12v BMS ensures your emergency vehicles are mission-ready at all times, minimizing the risk of power-related disruptions during crucial operations.

Battery Longevity: With intelligent charging and threshold management, our lead-acid battery 12v BMS significantly prolongs the lifespan of your lead-acid batteries, reducing maintenance costs and replacements.

Unrivaled Control: Enjoy unparalleled control over your emergency vehicle's power systems, optimizing energy utilization and preserving battery health.

Elevate the performance of your police vehicles with the KROOZER 12v BMS for dial 112. Invest in a state-of-the-art battery management solution that's tailor-made for emergency vehicles, designed to empower your fleet for years to come.

Discover the next level of battery management technology. Choose KROOZER 12v BMS for dial112 and elevate your emergency response capabilities to new heights.

Device to manage the charging of the extra battery in such a manner that the main battery management system is to be designed in such a manner that the extra battery available in the vehicle gets charged simultaneously with the main battery. All the accessories present in the vehicle like MDT, GPS, Camera, Biometrics, etc. should get charged using the extra battery first. The main battery will disconnect in case of discharge so as not to hamper main battery operations like starting the engine.

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