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Indian Manufacturing Company

Kocheta Innovations LLP” earlier “Teknocro” was found in the year 2010. Initially, company was formed with an idea of constructing indigenous Jet engine technologies for use in Generators and other small power intensive utilities. Alike, every other company, we also faced ups and down’s of evolution.

The vision is to bring inventions from lab to public use, i.e. from inventions to innovations.

In 2017, under the able guidance of Mr. Dinesh Kocheta (Founder, K.I. LLP), company did a comeback with better technology and wide vision of expansion in business.

The company started with the products for motor biking and cycling segment. Accessories for enhancing performance of bikes and cars includes advanced aerodynamic air filters, exhaust systems. Other lucrative products like “Flamos” for enhancing show call of the vehicles.


Make India Proud

In a country whose most powerful resource is comprises of human, it becomes primary necessity to save lives in any circumstances. Every year hundreds of thousands of people are lost on roads, leaving a pain on their families and country.

No one can alone put a check on this, so as a social responsibility, K.I. LLP takes initiative to put a control over them. To start with company focused on most prominent problem of visibility in Dawn, Dusk, Rain, Fog and other low visibility instances.

The Company envisions safety and visibility for the most vulnerable road users. These users includes Cyclists, two wheeler riders and pedestrians.

Company seeks the support of all other Indians in its sole targeted campaign of Road Safety and visibility in Night.

K.I. LLP Requests you to please “Be Visible, Be Safe”


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