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Kroozer Dual Color Flasher Harness with 6+1 modes

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Introducing Kroozer's Cutting-Edge Aux Light/Fog Light Wiring Harness - Flasher 150Watt:

Experience the Power of Illumination with Unmatched Versatility, selection of modes just push away

Discover the next level of lighting solutions with Kroozer's Aux Light/Fog Light Wiring Harness.

 A robust and reliable choice for powerful illumination, ensuring your path is well-lit for a safe journey.

Unleash the Power with Kroozer's 150W Aux/Fog Light Wiring Harness. Upgrade your ride effortlessly with our Fog/Aux Light Wire harness Plug & Play Type for just MRP 1999.0

Experience hassle-free installation with our no wire cut technology. No additional tools or hardware needed—just plug in and ride. The included premium push button is easy to mount and easy single push button operation, providing ultimate convenience.

Long press to Switch on, and long press to switch off, push and release to select from 6 vried modes of lightings.

Key Features:

Waterproof Connectors: Compatible with major fog lights including HJG, MAD DOG, Clear Water, and more.

IP66 Rated: Designed for superior water resistance.

Rodent Resistant: Built to withstand challenging conditions.

Flame Retardant: Ensuring safety in all situations.

Weather Resistant: Ideal for various weather conditions.

No Wire Cut Technology: Effortless installation without cutting any wires.

6+1 modes,

1. White on,

2. Yellow on,

3. White and Yellow on (full intensity),

4. White flasher,

5. Yellow flasher,

6. White and Yellow alternate flasher

Power Anything: Designed to power any auxiliary light up to 150 Watts.

Industrial Braided Mesh Sleeve: Offers rugged protection against dust, heat, and harsh weather.

100% Pure Copper Wire: Ensures optimal conductivity and durability.

Upgrade your ride's illumination effortlessly with Kroozer's flasher 150W Aux/Fog Light Wiring Harness. Get yours now and enjoy the road with enhanced visibility and style.

Content in a box:

1. Harness Length : 1.7 mtr (including connectors)

2. Flasher unit

3. 2 Waterproof Male connectors

4. Strip Push Button

5. Plastic Ties

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