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Venture Lights

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It happens when we wish to hava a handy torch shich could be worn on head, so our hands are free for some importnat work.

Here Kroozer presents “THE VENTURE LIGHTS” for all types of ventures of life: Be it Maintenance-Venture or AD-Venture.

With powerful output of 12 leds and 800 lumens, and backup of upto 20 hrs (blinking Mode), 12 hrs (low Mode), 8 hrs (Mid Mode), 4 hrs (Extreme Mode).

Enabled with fast charging : 1.2 hrs, be ready to go – as soon as you wish.

6 months WARRANTY

Powered With trust of KROOZER

Multi-Purpose, Ultra-lightweight and compact are just some of the excellent characteristics of the all-new Kroozer Venture Light and it’s not just a running and hiking headlamp, it’s fully versatile light. The Kroozer Venture Light itself weighs only 35gm, while still maintaining its high-strength body.

What makes the Kroozer Venture Light even better is the fact that a single Battery can power it. Activating the Venture Light is a breeze with the innovative all-in-one single switch operation. Included with your purchase of the Venture Light Is the lightweight stretchable headband with reflective strips for extra safety.


Ultra-bright Head Torch

This light level will illuminate the outdoors clearly and is best for when exploring caves, downhill mountain biking and some emergency work, maintenance work etc.

Comfortable to wear

Rechargeable battery -Type B fast charging Port

Backup Time – 5 hrs on High Mode

Charge Time: Recharging time: about About 1hr 30 min

Single button providing control over all functions

Weight: 150g

Four Modes Low / Mid / High / SOS Blink

12 leds for better light

6 month warranty

Durability Headlight comes in a premium Plastic casing

Single Button Operative

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