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Kroozer Patch:- Led Indicator

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Kroozer Patch is innovative and must have a product for every rider. It’s a wireless LED motorbike indicator for riders.

This product consists of radical bright LED’s twelve red and half-dozen orange, for a lot of distant visibility.

It indicates 4 important signals

Left and right indicator (orange color)

Tail lamp (red color – dim light)

Brake light (red color-brighten up)

This is a miniature version of Kroozer Shield.

No compromise with safety features, which includes the Last mode on (post-accident visibility, and sewed by the leather experts, gives your ride a whole new level of style, comfort, and safety experience).

So, like always, forget every hassle, just hook on, and ride on…

Wireless LED Indicator or Kroozer Patch is bordered with a reflector Led Indicator Flasher as a standard product kit and taking safety to a whole new level.

It gives you visibility up-to 200 meters on the road.

It is light in weight, weighing just about 85 grams which are as light as a feather and really comfortable to wear.

Red lights light up continuously even after being synced from the bike to ensure visibility after accidents. Moreover, this wireless Indicator is also weatherproof which allows you to use it in any kind of weather conditions.

On the whole, the Koozer Patch is your one-stop solution for enhancing visibility on the road and riding safely and comfortably.

Low visibility of bike riders especially during the night is a serious threat. To tackle this problem Kocheta Innovations bring for you the Kroozer Patch which is not ‘just another biking gear’.

The last mode on” feature. In the case of an accident, the last illuminated lights will remain intact.

No wire cut technology

Auto-enabled Anti-perceptual blindness.

Wirelessly bringing the indications on the eye level of upcoming cars, trucks, and buses.

On a single charge, the battery lasts for 6-8 hours, so even if you want to ride for long, we have your back… literally.

“Bordered with KE50 series of reflector clothing, thus ensuring visibility even when the lights are turned off.

This package of life-saving stylo comes in handy with hassle-free installation, wireless use with triple working modes.

Standalone mode (Kroozer Patch is switched on)

Sync Mode (When the vehicle is turned on)

10. Last mode on

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